When I was 21 years old, I moved from Venezuela (my home-country) to Montreal, and I have been living here since then. My passion is storytelling; to present a different approach with my visuals. I love to meet new places, cultures and people, because everything and everyone have a particular thing that makes them interesting. 

     I started practicing photography in 2005, when I took my first "Basic Photo" course in Caracas at Roberto Mata Institute. After that, I studied Social Communications at Universidad Católica Andrés Bello. Taking History, Fine Arts, Writing, and Journalism courses, provided me with better tools to understand the complexities and subtleties of narrating a story. Each image tells a story. 

     Here in Montreal I have dedicated myself to improve my photography techniques. I am a graduate of Professional Photography from Dawson College, and I also took two photography courses at Creative Boost Institute. 

     Currently, I continue living, working and learning in Montreal, Canada.